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The Environmental Event of the Year
2 months before the conference, the interest in CleanMed Europe is steadily growing. Currently, the number of participants exceed 200, and more than 50 posters have been nominated for the Poster Exhibition. To the Vendor Exhibition, well over 20 exhibitors have signed up.

The participants will arrive from many different countries. CleanMed Europe will have participants not only from Sweden and its neighbouring countries, but also from countries such as Austria, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Yemen, USA, Moldova, Armenia, India, and the Philippines. The exhibitors also come from different countries as well as different branches; Swedish water companies will exhibit, just as French clinical waste management companies and internationally working suppliers of medical disposables. Adding the great range of topics at the conference, this variety ensures that CleanMed Europe will be a truly multifaceted conference where there is something for everyone.

CleanMed Europe might well be the environmental event of the year. Everyone with an interest in improving the environmental performance of healthcare in Europe should be there. There is still a chance to register for the conference-grab it!

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We are proud to announce the 2nd CleanMed Europe - the premier environmental conference for leaders and staff within healthcare. From May 29 to May 31, 500 professionals dedicated to greening the healthcare sector will meet in the beautiful city of Stockholm, Sweden. Take the opportunity to be one of them, to listen to more than 60 distinguished speakers, and to meet environmental experts, decision makers, innovative companies, and many others. Let yourself be inspired to improve the environmental performance of the healthcare sector.

The activities of healthcare facilities have a significant impact on the environment that contributes to the destruction of our natural ecosystems. And an unhealthy natural environment is a danger to human health. As healthcare professionals pledge an oath of "First, do no harm", all aspects of healthcare should be carried out in a way that is not damaging to public health and the environment. Forward-thinking healthcare systems must therefore be ecologically sustainable. CleanMed Europe will show you how to achieve this.

Healthcare managers and staff
Environmental managers
Researchers and experts
Purchasers, materials and facility managers
Innovative companies
Nursing professionals and doctors dedicated to environmental activities
Political decision makers
Everyone with an interest in health care and the environment

CleanMed Europe features 7 plenary sessions, 18 seminars, a poster exhibition for "Best Practice", and a vendors' exhibition. Some of the central themes are the following.

Hospitals and other facilities account for a substantial part of the environmental impact of the health care sector. Learn about how sustainable thinking can create "greener" hospitals, how to choose the right materials and chemicals, the link between design and wellbeing, and how environmental assessment of buildings may help the shift to a green building.

Sustainable development is a hot topic in the global society. Learn about what it is, what it explicitly means for the health care sector, and how to work practically with it.

By integrating environmental issues into everyday work, e.g. by implementing Environmental Management Systems (EMS's), it is possible to improve a hospital's environmental performance significantly. Likewise, verification, audits and reports can make excellent tools to make things happen in reality.

Pharmaceuticals are often persistent and may be harmful to the environment. Learn about environmental aspects in the development of new drugs, as well as the environmental risks associated with drugs and drug residues.

Choosing the right chemicals, and substituting toxic or otherwise hazardous compounds with safer, non-toxic alternatives, is required for sustainable health care. Great work has already been done e.g. for phasing out and removing mercury. CleanMed will tell you how.

Learn how green public procurement can be used as a tool for creating environmental as well as economic benefits, and how procurement can be used as a driving force in substituting hazardous products with sounder alternatives.

The handling of hospital and clinical waste is a big environmental issue for health care. The seminars will cover waste reduction, handling of special clinical waste, and best practices on waste management.

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